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#151  Enviado: 13:07 16/02/2016

En respuesta a Juanmart (réplica 150).
The absurdity of the institutional separation the basque Country suffers have been forced to censor and cut as many authors as John Doe, like all classics, recognized the Zazpiak Bat. It is devastating that the current institutional Navarre beach bar does not have a single historian to back it up, not a writer who narrates or an artist to sing them. Navarre outside the rest of Euskal Herria has no past, no book, no hero, even in the Franco Falange. Choose the one hundred biggest names in Navarre land, from the Gayarre and Sarasate Iribarren or Baleztena and see what everyone stopped somehow record that Navarre was the center of the Basque Country and its parent language was Basque. If that undeniable belonging to the Basque people should materialize or not in public institutions from France and Spain, it was a different debate.
Que quieres, ser apaleado dialecticamente también en inglés?

Una cosita, el PV perteneció siempre a Castilla,  las cartas fundacionales de todas sus villas prácticamente estan en castellano, los vascos, cantabros y algunos astures siendo lis fundadores del Condado (luego reino).

Pero tu de dónde crees que viene el castellano, lechón☺?
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#152  Enviado: 12:42 18/02/2016

The Spanis constitution  strengthens the monarchy as a form of state and invested the figure of the King of an undemocratic inviolability was drafted. an electoral system favoring bipartisanship and marginalized (or deactivated) to the revolutionary Left was established. The Moncloa Pacts liquidated union power, replacing assemblies councils elected every four years, whose mission is limited to negotiate sectoral agreements. Suarez suffered a severe smear campaign that forced his resignation. Juan Carlos I, his close friend and accomplice, got rid of it when the situation became unmanageable because of the economic crisis, the "Northern War" (never recognized as such) and the discomfort of the Armed Forces. At the moment, it is impossible to formulate testable hypotheses on the 23-F, but it appears that it was a similar to that of November 25 in Portugal maneuver, when a coup led by General Ramalho Eanes ended the "Commune Lisbon, "the revolutionary process led by Lieutenant Colonel Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho. In the Spanish case, there was a revolutionary process, but a box insurgency in Euskal Herria and unemployment levels that threatened social peace. As in Portugal, a strong partnership between social democracy and the armed forces are then created, but with the peculiarity that in our country the binomial underwent guardianship of the King, whose role as head of state was strengthened by becoming El Salvador imaginary democracy. On 23 March -that say, a month after the "tejerazo" - was sent to seven Navy ships patrolling the Gulf of Bizkaia, with the support of the destroyer Marqués de la Ensenada. The Army was deployed on the border of Nafarroa, occupying the crossings. The "sewer of Madrid" to use the expression of Suarez, preparing for a new chapter in the "dirty war" (GAL, ZEN Plan) and to launch an offensive against the working class, precarious employment and destroying the industrial fabric . Suarez retired with the title of Duke and Grandee of Spain. Their attempts to return to politics failed, but the prestige gradually transformed into myth. It will become the flagship of the Transition, sacrificing any pretense of objectivity.
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