[Post Oficial] I Am Setsuna (Nuevo J-RPG clásico de Square Enix para PS4, Steam y Switch)

No games ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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#16  Enviado: 05:03 17/09/2015  Editado: 05:13 17/09/2015 (3 veces)

Resulta que la charla secreta de Square es sobre Setsuna, y tendran una demo jugada en directo Smilie

Trailer completo:

Aquí se verá la presentación. Faltan 45 horas para que empiecen con la programación.
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Habrá que estar atento a ese gameplay.

Sobre Tokyo RPG Factory:

Square Enix has announced the opening of a new RPG studio called Tokyo RPG Factory, which it initially began hiring for in September 2014.

The studio is working on a completely new RPG console project, which will be a new series, called “Project Setsuna.” It is planned for a global release in 2016.

“RPGs are a major part of the Square Enix legacy, including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts,” said Yosuke Matsuda, President and Representative Director of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. “RPG fans from all over the world have supported us along the years. To keep creating incredible new RPG titles, we started Project Setsuna and it is developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, a newly established studio for the project.”

Fuente: Gematsu
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#18  Enviado: 09:45 17/09/2015

Pinta precioso, mi compra sera para Vita.
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#19  Enviado: 10:47 17/09/2015

Que no jueguen con el legado de Chrono Trigger, espero que si este Setsuna es un canto al JRPG de aquella época, lo mimen como se merece, me apunto al hilo con prevención pero con (cierta) ilusión.
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#20  Enviado: 12:19 17/09/2015

Como fan absoluto de Chrono Trigger, es el juego de mi vida, y salvando las distancias, este jrpg parece tener un mimo y estilo de combate muy de ese estilo. Me està llamando mucho la atención. Veremos si no acaba siendo un simple guiño, un chute de nostalgia...
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Más info proveniente de GAF:

- Atsushi Hashimoto is the director of the game. He also directed Final Fantasy Explorers on the 3DS recently. He will be presenting live gameplay footage during the stream, and explaining how the game works.
- The game offers the feel of 1990s-era RPGs like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger.
- You’ll progress through events and battles with an overlooking perspective of the map, and battles use the familiar Square Enix Active Time Battle system.
- The switch between movement and battle on the field is seamless. There isn’t a screen switch that occurs.
- Development is 60 percent complete.

Fuentes: Siliconera, Gematsu
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#22  Enviado: 10:11 19/09/2015  Editado: 10:48 19/09/2015 (6 veces)

La presentación del juego. Smilie
Está en ingles. Me parece una noticia de la leche que den tanta importancia a occidente.

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#23  Enviado: 00:13 20/09/2015  Editado: 00:15 20/09/2015 (1 vez)

Visto el gameplay, el juego me llama bastante la atención.

Espero que sea bastante ambicioso en cuanto a contenido.

Se supone que es juego de 2016, no?

Edit: Veo en la primera réplica que sale a principios del año que viene en japón. Esperemos que digan los planes para el lanzamiento occidental en breve.
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Sólo la parte de gameplay del video publicado un par de replicas arriba:

Temas de OST publicados en la página web (extraídos por alguien de GAF):

Secreto: (Pincha para leerlo)

Y algunas conclusiones que se pueden sacar del gameplay:

- Combates no aleatorios. Los enemigos son visibles en los escenarios.
- Sistema de combates por turnos, con ATB (Active Time Battle). Es decir, el clásico sistema de combate de FF IV-FF IX y Chrono Trigger.
- Grupo de 3 personajes, estos son visibles incluso en el mapamundi.
- OST compuesta aparentemente en su totalidad en piano.


PD: Y un comentario de GAF (más referencias a Chrono Trigger):

Wow, this is the most Chrono Trigger game I've seen. It's like their new studio suddenly realized that Chrono Trigger was the the greatest and why don't we do something else like that?

The swordsman even has a move called Kaiten-giri, which is what Crono's Cyclone move was called in Japanese.
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#26  Enviado: 08:41 28/09/2015

Square Enix’ Project Setsuna Is A Good-Looking ‘Pure Fantasy’ RPG Hitting The PS4 And PS Vita In 2016
Project Setsuna (Ikenie To Yuki no Setsuna) was announced for an early 2016 release on PS4 and PS Vita. Classic 90's RPG gameplay should be expected.

Square Enix says that Ikenie To Yuki no Setsuna (Project Setsuna) is due for a 2016 release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The announcement was made during the SCEJA (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia) 2015 press conference on Sept. 15. The event is a precursor to the Tokyo Game Show, where Sony is set to unveil the titles that were either developed for or ported to its consoles, handhelds and game platforms, which will begin on Sept. 18, 3 p.m. EST.

Ikenie To Yuki no Setsuna, also known by its English name Project Setsuna, is the current project of Tokyo RPG Factory, a Japanese game developer, the company behind popular titles like Tomb Raider, the Final Fantasy franchise, Dragon Quest, Thief, Hitman and Kingdom Hearts.

The game lets the player progress using events and battles, suggesting that it sticks to the basic progression system of most RPGs. The Japanese publication also reports that Ikenie To Yuki no Setsuna is now 60 percent complete and has incorporated the Square Enix Active Time Battle system.

The announced PS4 and PS Vita title is expected to involve a melancholic feel because the entire theme is built around "sadness," which the Japanese word setsunasa connotes. This is also evident in the game's debut trailer that is currently posted on Square Enix Co. Ltd.'s YouTube channel.

The voiceover is not hyped, unlike most game trailers, and denotes some form of depression. Even the game's landing page on Square Enix' website has a sad, eerie background music.

Ikenie To Yuki no Setsuna looks good and refined. Further scrutiny of the in-game trailer suggests that it has taken some hints from the story-driven RPGs that were released during the 90s, namely the Chrono game franchise, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

The game's similarities to the 1990s and early 2000s RPGs are solidified further by the premise of sacrifice in the story.

According to the trailer's voiceover translation posted by Disqus user tabegoro in the comment section of Gematsu, Ikenie To Yuki no Setsuna details the journey of an escorted 18-year old girl, who possesses great magic powers, to the ends of the Earth where she sacrifices herself to appease the monsters that are rampaging on her island.

The sacrificial ritual, known as Setsuna, is supposed to be held once every decade. However, due to the increasing number of victims that have fallen prey to the monsters, the populace decides that another sacrifice in less than ten years after the last one is needed for peace and tranquility to be regained.

Nostalgia will play a big part in the sales the game makes. The same sales will also be a big factor for the future titles to be released under Ikenie To Yuki no Setsuna.

"It's important to create new IPs, but creating big IPs is difficult... Having been looking at the game industry up until now, it's quite common to see [a video game series] take the form of a trilogy. In that sense, we need to have at least three [titles] before knowing whether it will continue growing or not," said Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix President.

Ikenie To Yuki no Setsuna (Project Setsuna) is due to be released in Japan in January 2016.

Fuente: TechTimes
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#27  Enviado: 19:35 01/10/2015

Frikada ,no?
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Traducción Google de la descripción de la página web sobre dos de los personajes principales:

Mercenario Maestro .

Cuando fuimos a la isla en una misión, por el conocido Setsuna ,
Se hace posible para acompañar el sacrificio del viaje como uno de los equipo de escolta .
El destino del encuentro , Nuku ser sacrificio seguridad de la muchacha hacia las fauces de la muerte ,
Es que le trae destino que


Chica como un sacrificio , llevando a un destino que ir hasta los confines de la tierra.
No hay ninguna duda en dedicar su propia vida para la gente de la isla.
Honesto y puro. Incluso en medio de un viaje peligroso, y el equipo de escolta que ellos mismos
Sucker suficientes quebraderos de cabeza .
Sin embargo , cumplir el destino como un sacrificio , la creencia de que es ,
Lo que es más fuerte que ella.

Y más imágenes ingame:

Y algo sobre el gameplay:

In shops, you can buy items, some of which Final Fantasy fans will recognize (Potion, Ether, and such). But there are also unfamiliar items like “Mistone,” which lets you run away from battles since there isn’t an “Escape” command.

In dungeons, battles begin when you make contact with the enemy. They’re symbol encounters, meaning that you see the enemy on-screen before the battle initiates, but battles take place right there on the area map. It’s a seamless transition from exploration to battle.

The battle system is the command-based Active Time Battle system. Actions available to the player include “Attack,” “Magic,” and “Item.” At the bottom of the screen are each character’s HP and MP, and below that, their ATB gauge. Next to that is an orb-like gauge with a snowflake in it, though it’s purpose is currently unknown.

Fuente: Gematsu
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#30  Enviado: 19:33 16/11/2015

A ver si lo traen rapidio (porque doy por hecho que su presencia en el E3 los confirma para occidente)
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