El Reboot de Green Lantern incluiría Hal Jordan y John Stewart

Fallen Angel
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Se centraría más en los green lantern corps mas que en las andanzas de un solo lantern.

Keep in mind that the movie is still in early development and a lot of things can change, but we’re hearing that the new Green Lantern movie will focus on more than one human Green Lantern.

Furthermore, the franchise will continue to focus on different Green Lanterns and never on just one, so really the Green Lantern movies look like they’ll be more about the Green Lantern Corps, which is an interesting approach.

But before we get there, the plan is just to focus on these two or three human Green Lanterns, and there’s a real possibility that Warner Bros. will introduce the Green Lanterns at Comic-Con this year at their panel in Hall H on Saturday. And if WB does bring on multiple Green Lanterns, then presumably one or more of them will pop up in Justice League.

The most popular Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, who was the main character in the 2011 movie. However, Guy Gardner and John Stewart later followed Jordan, and they weren’t the last in the comics. But we’re hearing possibly two or all three—Jordan, Stewart, and Gardner—could be the leads of Warner Bros’ Green Lantern reboot.

Me parece un buen movimiento de cara al DCCU.
Gotta knock a little harder
Son Gokou
Kakarotto ja ne!, ore Son Gokuu da!
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Pero John es un soso.
Hal y Kyle sería la mejor opción seguidos de Hal y Guy.
Pero John....meh.
Pero necesitan un negro pa ser políticamente correctos.
I'm Gokuu. Dragon Ball is my Life.
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Reboot? Ojala no la caguen tanto como con la anterior... que bodriaco.
Este tema está inactivo y no se puede replicar más.
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