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Monster Hunter Stories presentado!

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#16  Enviado: 17:23 12/04/2015  Editado: 17:26 12/04/2015 (1 vez)

En respuesta a Rod Aran (réplica 7).
A lomos de una Rathian  Smilie  Smilie Pinta muy guapo, es una pena que no salga en Wii U.
Sonrojado (susurro) Es un Rathalos...

Yo estoy ilusionadísimo. Si ya amo la saga principal, un RPG con este encanto y dejando montar Wyverns puede ser muy grande.

Ojalá sea un juego de criar y entrenar monturas  Smilie
Vivo en mi nube
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#17  Enviado: 17:45 12/04/2015

Otro al que le llama poderosamente la estética y lo que puede surgir de cruzar el mundo MH con mecánicas RPG.
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#18  Enviado: 17:58 12/04/2015

Ojalá sea un juego de criar y entrenar monturas

Confirmadísimo, si en el trailer se ve que van robando huevos y el logo también tiene uno con el énfasis en el interior... está bien clarito.
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#19  Enviado: 20:03 12/04/2015

The following info comes from producer Ryozo Tsujimoto...

- players will take on the role of “Riders”
- an RPG that tells the tale between these Riders and monsters

“After having passed the 10th anniversary last year, this is a new challenge for the Monster Hunter series, that we’ve began designing since about five years ago. While staying true to the world of Monster Hunter, and a story that can only be told through an RPG, we’d like to pack it with fun and enjoyment that we can’t even begin to describe with words. It is still in the middle of development, we’d like to offer you a new kind of excitement that is different from the conventional series, and the development staff are working on it in full-spirit.”
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Pinta bien, y más interesante que el 4 para mí, ahora a ver como se ve el juego de verdad que aunque parezca que meten gameplay al final el trailer está a una resolución que 3DS ni sueña y luego llegan los sustos.
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#21  Enviado: 17:23 02/09/2015

Secreto: (Pincha para leerlo)

No soy muy fan de Moster Hunter pero el estilo de este Stories me encanta. Y parece que va a ser por turnos  Smilie
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#22  Enviado: 17:28 02/09/2015

Smilie Smilie El estilo es demasiado bueno, me encanta. Y la batallas más desenfadadas y bombásticas como en un ARPG unido al gameplay profundo de Monster Hunter de siempre puede ser una auténtica joya junto a montar y criar monstuos y una historia decente. Que ganas de ver el trailer en el TGS y verlo en movimiento.
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#23  Enviado: 18:14 02/09/2015

Que lo traigan joder Smilie
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#24  Enviado: 18:27 02/09/2015

Qué bonito es el arte, joder  Smilie
Today we use our power to fell a god, and seize our destiny!
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#25  Enviado: 22:06 02/09/2015

Yo tampoco soy de Monster Hunter, pero joder, RPG y con ese apartado artístico como para decirle que no.
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#26  Enviado: 10:53 03/09/2015

- Monster Hunter Stories is an RPG set in the Monster Hunter world
- tells the story of ''Monster Riders'' who form bonds with monsters
- the title begins in the Rider Village
- protagonist receives a “Bond Stone” from the village chief, which is necessary to pass a trial and become a full fledged Rider
- Nabir, who grew up with the protagonist, is a partner in the trial and is determined to see the world outside the village
- Riders come from a village far separated from the Hunter’s society, and live a self-sufficient lifestyle
- magazine tells us about monsters that can form bonds with Riders known as ''Otomon''
- you can be a young boy or girl as a fledgling Rider
- looming shadow of unrest, and people begin noticing serious changes in the environment
- Riders and Hunters will play their roles utilizing their respective items
- the key lies within the Bond Stones, and the truth lies in an old legend
- along with your partner Nabir and co, a grand story unfolds
- Monster Hunter Stories features a turn-based battle system
- battles proceed based on choosing commands
- monsters encountered on the way begins a battle
- three commands in a triangle formation that can be used: power, technique, and speed
- dependent on the habits of the chosen monster
- will need to read up on monster habits and use them to their advantage to dish our great damage
- Riders form bonds with Otomon to fight
- key/focus is ''bonds'', which is especially important in battle
- can change weapons as well as damage multiple enemies, and there are special abilities for weapons
- the ''Nagiharai'' for a great sword and a ''Shield Bash'' for the sword and shield
- plenty of action with the Rider and Otomon both attacking with various abilities
- as they battle, the bonds between Riders and Monsters will deepen
- when gathered after a certain point, the Rider becomes able to use ''Ride On'' to mount the Otomon, making combat ability soar
-  eventually be able to use the incredible power within the “Bond Stone”.
- ''Otomon Eggs'' can be found on the field
- new Otomon appears if you return to the village with them
- fun is in discovering what will come out.
- players will come across many ''unusual phenomena''
- will be visiting various towns and places on the fields
- Hunter Village is where hunters gather
-  a marketplace with various shops, a Guildmaster, and ''Hunter Guild''
- atmosphere here will be familiar to long time series’ fans
- various creatures from the series such as Airou (Felyne) and Merarr (Melynx) also live here
- Famitsu talks about the opening field in Monster Hunter Stories. Cliffs, water, and nature are abundant, along with a steep and dangerous valley
- large monsters lurk deep in this valley in hopes of protecting it
- various things to warn people to the dangers of this place
- face many monsters that you have never seen before in the various environments
- Capcom is including thick woods, a burning desert, swamplands, and more

Character details
Protagonist (Boy/Girl)
- born and raised in Rider Village
- a bright and curious young boy/girl
- yearns for adventure in the world outside the village

Senpai (Upperclassman/Senior) Rider
- strong emotions and hot blooded
- gives various bits of advice for the Protagonist who aims to be a Rider

- adventures with the Protagonist, an Airou (Felyne) with a personality

Village Chief
- of the Dragon-Human Family
- kind old man who watches over the village and Protagonist
- mischievous and likes telling bad jokes

Young Girl
- bright, vigorous, and curious
- energetic girl who follows after the protagonist’s group

Young Boy
- has a kind and gentle personality
- aims to be a Rider like the protagonist
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Por los screenshots, parece ser que el sistema de combate es por turnos del tipo "piedra papel tijera" a semejanza del juego de SEGA Dinosaur King, un clon del pokemon . Chorro de agua fría si se confirma.
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#28  Enviado: 22:33 05/09/2015

- development began two years ago
- it’s a project that’s been five to six years in the making
- it came about due to some fans wanting an RPG
- in the game, there are plenty of people who like monsters
- aimed at players of all ages, as well as both series veterans and newcomers alike
- plot that never gets too serious
- features catchy designs with a simple approach to help achieve this
- makes use of a Triangle Battle System thanks to “Power,” “Technique,” and “Speed” commands
- the commands were originally “Fight”, “Run”, etc
- at one point, the staff took a simpler approach with turn-based combat and decided to base it on a triangle
- monsters have unique traits and capabilities
- Velociprey has a “speed” habit
- usually there is a link between the monsters’ image and resulting special habit
- the protagonist can battle alongside monsters named “Otomon”
- the protagonist can collect many monsters, but he/she only fights with one in a battle each time
- change the monster (in the party) that is battling
- the Otomon does the brunt of the battle
- if the Otomon is the “attacker,” then the protagonist is the “Almighty Supporter”
- riding monsters will be possible if bonds are high enough
- Otomon have their own distinct traits and personalities
- build bonds by traveling together, playing with the monsters, and using them
- new locations to stay true to the adventure
- the protagonist will form bonds with monsters as a Rider
- “What would he think of Hunters?” will be a problem and question often addressed
- the story is about the protagonist’s growth to adulthood within a world of monsters in a changing environment
- the plot also involves how Hunters and Riders will cope with each other
- development is 30 percent complete
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#29  Enviado: 23:07 05/09/2015

Tiene pintaza. Me gusta todo lo que se ha ido viendo de él y además no es un desarrollo 'fast food'. Cruzo los dedos para que nos llegue (y a ser posible, no en 2020).
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#30  Enviado: 01:41 06/09/2015

Web oficial

Arte conceptual

Secreto: (Pincha para leerlo)

Mundo y batallas

Secreto: (Pincha para leerlo)


Protagonista (Chico o chica)

Secreto: (Pincha para leerlo)
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