Final Fantasy Discovery: ambicioso fan-made J-RPG 2D

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Final Fantasy: Discovery aims to mimic popular Final Fantasy series mechanics and blend them into a single game, creating the ultimate fangame experience. Those of you who enjoyed playing UPRC's Final Fantasy: Blackmoon Prophecy should feel right at home with this project.

The world remains in balance due to the power of the four elemental crystals. While spoken of in legend, none of them have ever been located... until now. The Palamecian Empire unearths the Crystal of Fire, and soon after, their government slips behind a veil of secrecy. The Kingdom of Figaro sends in four undercover operatives to learn more about their intentions. The Crystals are in danger, it would seem, and it is up to you and your team of adventurers to ensure their safety, and bring an end to a worldwide conflict involving several nations.

While most of the development thus far has been to clone systems and battle algorithms, the game's story is coming together as well. More information on that will be given at a later date.

Game Features
* Popular and familiar Final Fantasy series locales, including Narshe, Burmecia, Mysidia, Sanubia, Figaro, Thamasa, etc.
* Popular and familiar Final Fantasy series character names, including Mid, Matoya, Ricard, Ingus, Doga, Unei, Doctor Tot, etc.
* 14 fully playable characters, with 2 secret characters and 3 guest characters.
* 350+ equippable items, all fully functional with various special effects from Final Fantasy titles, such as Auto-Protect, X-Fight, Mug, Super Jump, MP Half, etc.
* Graphics taken from PSP-era Final Fantasy titles, including Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.
* Auction House (FF6)
* Coliseum (FF6)
* Gold Saucer Battle Square (FF7)
* Gold Saucer Chocobo Racing (FF7)
* Triple Triad (FF8)
* Master Blacksmith (FF3)

Battle Features
* Authentic battle algorithms taken from various Final Fantasy games including Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII, among others.
* Faithfully cloned spells, abilities and skills from various Final Fantasy titles.
* Dozens of familiar Final Fantasy status effects, such as Poison, Venom, Weak, Oil, Shell, Regen, Reraise, Zombie, Berserk, Aura, etc.
* Summon Aeons to demolish enemies! (23 in total)

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Que mal queda el "Johnny C Bad" como tema de batalla...por lo demas parece el tipico proyecto de RPGMaker pero con un minimo de cariño
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Me interesaría muchérrimo si fuera para Android...
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