[KILLER IS DEAD] (Grasshopper) Imágenes e info inside

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Nuevo juego de Suda51/Graashopper,  no es secuela de Killer7, tomamos el papel de un prisionero sentenciado a muerte. y debemos eliminar a nuestro asesino.

Suda 51 is directing Killer is Dead, but it's not a sequel to Killer 7. In this original title, you play as a prisoner who's been sentenced to die. Your goal is to kill your assassin.

The game promises to retain the essence of Killer 7 and No More Heroes. It also promises to be a sort of "Dark Side 007" in that it will feature a number of beautiful Bond Girl-like ladies.

On the gameplay side of things, early reports indicate that the game will have sword-play ala No More Heroes, but with new elements.
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#2  Enviado: 07:19 04/04/2012

La tipica noticia sorpresa que te alegra el dia Smilie Smilie

Parece que tendra elementos en comun con Killer 7 y No More Heroes, ademas de "otros nuevos" por desvelar. Tambien se dice que habra mas detalles en la Famitsu de esta semana. O sea, que hoy o mañana quiza podamos ver las primeras imagenes o artworks.

Por ahora poco mas, salvo que su lanzamiento esta previsto para 2013 en Xbox 360 y PS3.

Grande Suda! Smilie
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#3  Enviado: 09:13 04/04/2012

No, no estoy muerto xDDD

Grande Suda, todo lo que venga de él es bueno.
A gusto jugando online
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#4  Enviado: 09:34 04/04/2012

En respuesta a Issun (réplica 3).
No, no estoy muerto xDDD

Grande Suda, todo lo que venga de él es bueno.
Pues yo lo he pensado  Smilie

Esperando imágenes!!! Smilie
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#5  Enviado: 09:36 04/04/2012

Que ganas de verlo.
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Mi PSN ID: solidusRX90
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#7  Enviado: 19:42 04/04/2012

A mi lo que han dicho que igual es un estilo 007 me ha encantado
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Secreto: (Pincha para leerlo)
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Only a short time in the future, where we travel to the moon and remodel our bodies, one day main character Mondo Zappa receives a notification of employment from the secret state agency called “The Execution Office.” Here, he is tasked with executing assassins around the world.


The battle basics are primarily close proximity attacks with swords. Weapons unfold in acrobatic movements.

In addition, the main character’s left arm has been modified and can change from a drill to a gun, etc. It can be upgraded as you progress. Mondo lost his memory of modifying his left arm.

By absorbing your enemy’s blood, you can utilize a powerful attack called “Adrenalin Burst.” A large quantity of blood gushes when you decapitate your enemies.

There is a component where you can transform people into dark matter, too. The Adrenalin Burst move seems to change the dark matter included in the blood into energy.


The moon appears in various images.

Stages are set in various places around the world, including old Western style buildings and an alleyway with Japanese style homes.


Mondo Zappa: 35-years-old, born in America, the main character. He is the man with the black suit and glasses which appeared in the first public artworks of the game. He regards executing as his job and carries out his work without fear. He is a man of taste and likes to seduce women. His favorite food is half-boiled egg.

Vivian Squall: 25-years-old, born in England, a member of Brian’s execution office, and the younger boss of Mondo. She is a young blond woman who wears a tight, sleeveless outfit. She is usually calm, but can lose her composure when it comes to private topics.

Mika Takekawa: 20-years-old, born in Japan, and Mondo’s assistant. She met Mondo at a certain event, and because she is good at making half-boiled eggs, the two get along and live with each other. She’s a natural airhead.

Victor: A criminal who steals talent from musician jubilees, which play songs of manipulated human emotion. He releases sounds of evil intent from a huge tower, so that he can fill the world with malice. He usually appears like skin and bones, but he’s very robotic when he transforms.

Brian Roses: 65-years-old, born in America, and chief of the execution office. He carries pride in his work, but is indifferent towards his management. He was the best executioner, having had his flesh turned into a cyborg once, but he’s retired now.

Killer is Dead is due for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer.

“Development has already been ongoing for an extended period of time. It’s the first game in the ‘assassin’ series that Grasshopper Manufacture has worked on in a while, a title that picks up where Killer7 and No More Heroes left off.”

“It’s not trying to regress into the past. We’re trying to make a game that we’d only be able to make right now, at this point in time. The result is seen in our unique high-contrast shading seen in the graphics, as well as the high speed wrestling-like action.”

“It’s the story of a man who doesn’t show himself much in the public world, but still worms his way into society and mercilessly eliminates the evil dispersed in it. It’s a personal story, not one that’s conscious of the chaos going on in the real world at the moment, but you might get more than a taste of that in the end anyway.

- Features a unique shaded graphical style
- Upgraded visuals from No More Heroes
- Takes place in a near-future
- Lunar tourism and cyber-enhancements have become commonplace
- Mondo Zappa takes the starring role
- Mondo is a 35-year-old man who suddenly receives a job offer from the Brian Execution Firm
- Brian Execution Firm: undercover national organization run by the half-cyborg Brian Roses
- The group sends Mondo around the world in order to execute a variety of assassins, from cunningly evil geniuses to people who seem to actually seek out death at Mondo’s hands
- Plot may sound a bit similar to No More Heroes
- Mondo has no experience with executing
- Mondo can use two weapons: a sword in his right hand for close-quarters combat, and a weapon embedded in his left arm Mega Man-style that can be converted into guns, drills, and other objects as you go through the game
- Embedded weapon can absorb blood from enemies
- Unleash an “Adrenalin Burst” sword strike to one-hit kill foes
- Releasing this summer in Japan
- More details in an interview with Famitsu next week

Killer is Dead is due for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer.

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#10  Enviado: 23:20 16/01/2013

Me encanta!!! que ganas de ver mas del juego! Me suscribo al post
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#11  Enviado: 01:09 17/01/2013

Nueva IP, pintaza (al menos en diseño), sale este año y solo unos cuantos interesados? xD espero sea por la hora, a mi me ha encantado el diseño, y me gusta que sea cell shading, y muy shulo.
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#12  Enviado: 01:17 17/01/2013

OMFG. Smilie

Aunque en realidad a mí me llama todo en lo que esté metido Suda51. Smilie ; ; La 3DS es mugre al lado de la Switch / La mugre se sigue moviendo e_e
Nunca olvides tu toalla.
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#13  Enviado: 01:21 17/01/2013

Será por fin el primer juego bueno de Suda? Smilie
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#14  Enviado: 01:27 17/01/2013

Y quién lo financia?¿? La warner?¿?
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Smilie  Pintaza. Entra de golpe dentro de mis mas esperados para 2013.
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