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Lo compraré cuando salga, jugarlo tumbado en la cama debe ser impagable.

Por cierto, creo que no has puesto el precio, más que nada por saber la diferencia de precio entre la edición normal y coleccionista.

Gracias por el post
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Pack especial de PSP + GT

Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces Limited Edition Gran Turismo(R) PSP(R)(Playstation(R)Portable) Entertainment Pack

Consumers Can Now Hit the Road with the Complete Gran Turismo Game on the PSP System

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (SCEA) today announced the availability of the upcoming Limited Edition Gran Turismo PSP (PlayStation Portable) Entertainment Pack on October 20 for $199.99 (MSRP) at participating retailers in the United States and Canada. Developed by Polyphony Digital, Inc. specifically for the PSP system, the launch of Gran Turismo marks the first time the famed racing series is available on PSP. Blending the high-speed racing action of Gran Turismo with the high caliber entertainment experience of the PSP system, the new entertainment pack features an exclusive PlayStation Network downloadable voucher for a white Chevrolet Corvette ZR1--a color not available in the game and only offered in this hardware package. The limited edition entertainment pack also includes a "Mystic Silver" PSP-3000 system; Gran Turismo game on UMD ; PlayStation Network downloadable movie voucher (title to be announced); a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo(TM); and a music voucher good for 10 downloadable songs from Sony Music Pass. A stand-alone version of Gran Turismo will be available on UMD and as a digital download on the PlayStation Network on October 1 for $39.99 (MSRP).
The award-winning Gran Turismo franchise has shipped more than 52 million units worldwide. With its true-to-life graphics and authentic physics technology and design, Gran Turismo features more than 800 vehicle models from the world's top manufacturers and 35 tracks - all this is only possible on the PSP system.

"Gran Turismo is one of the most successful gaming franchises in history, so what better way to mark Gran Turismo's premiere on the PSP system than by offering it with the only portable device that can deliver its rich, true-to-life graphics and unrivaled driving experience," said John Koller, Director, Hardware Marketing, SCEA. "Featuring Polyphony Digital's famed graphical prowess, tons of fun automotive content--including the ability to trade and share vehicles--and an exhilarating racing experience created for the PSP system, Gran Turismo is again poised to take racing games to new heights."

The Limited Edition Gran Turismo Entertainment Pack features a "Mystic Silver" PSP-3000 system, along with the following:

   * Gran Turismo - Developed exclusively for the PSP system by the internal team of designers and engineers at Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo features more than 800 vehicle models from the world's top manufacturers (over 4,500 total paint variations) and 35 tracks (60+ total layouts)--including famous world circuits, city courses and other environments. Seasoned Gran Turismo fans will recognize the depth of content and unparalleled visuals the series is known for, including graphics running at a stunning 60 frames per second. Additionally, a first in the Gran Turismo series is the ability to trade and share unlocked vehicles with others online via ad hoc mode, a feature that is not available in any other racing game on the PSP system. Rated "E" for everyone.
   * Exclusive car download - Includes an exclusive PlayStation Network voucher to download a white version of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 for Gran Turismo, the same car featured on the cover of the game.
   * PlayStation Network movie voucher - Consumers can easily download a movie from the PlayStation Network to their PSP system. Title to be announced.
   * 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo - Leverages the PSP system's multimedia functionality by storing photos, music, videos, and game saves.
   * Music voucher - Consumers can download 10 free songs onto their PC or Mac using Sony Music Pass. Available to U.S. residents only.

From the hardware to games, videos, music, memory and more for $199.99 (MSRP), all PSP entertainment packs offer incredible value to consumers.

saludos Guiño
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* Exclusive car download - Includes an exclusive PlayStation Network voucher to download a white version of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 for Gran Turismo, the same car featured on the cover of the game.

Portada de la edición especial, ¿no? O.o?

Tendría tela que los que compremos la edición normal tengamos de portada un coche que no podremos usar. x D
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Una entrevista sobre GT PSP y GT5. Más o menos, en resumen, se disculpa por el tiempo de desarrollo de los juegos, ya que han trabajado en muchos estos años, y que en el TGS se mostrará más de GT5.

G4: First off, and as a PSP owner, I’ve been waiting for a long time to ask this question – why did it take so long for Gran Turismo PSP to be released? It was shown when the PSP was first debuted – and then it disappeared.

Yamauchi: Back then, we really did intend to make the game, but we became just overwhelmed with other projects and other games – titles that we were working on.

G4: Well, that would be Gran Turismo 4 at that time?

Yamauchi: Since that announcement, we’ve had GT4 Prologue, GT4, and we had Tourist Trophy and then GTHD and then GT5 Prologue and then GT PSP. So, we’ve actually had six titles come out in those five years.

G4: And then you were also working on some other projects such as Gran Turismo for Boys and other things like that. Are those still in development or are those things that you’re sinking into GT5?

Yamauchi: That’s another homework that I have in my head. Of course, I already have ideas for it and I already have a road map for achieving that title, but we have the PSP version and we also have GT5 to work on, so it’ll come some time after that. One thing that can be said is that development on the PS3 was a lot harder than I initially imagined.

G4: So when you guys initially first showed Gran Turismo Portable, did you just put it on hold and then work on something else or was it always constantly in development?

Yamauchi: It wasn’t necessarily paused or placed on hold, but there were a lot of times where 95% of our effort was into a different project for a considerable amount of time.

G4: Now, having Gran Turismo PSP as a digital download and a UMD release help or hinder development of the game?

Yamauchi: Not really, and actually a downloadable version makes us consider things like download times and things like that – it’s actually another restriction rather than something that frees us up.

G4: That also opens you up for potential for downloadable content for the PSP version. Is that something that you’d like to do with this game?

Yamauchi: For the PSP version, we’re not considering any additional content that’s going to be downloadable.

G4: Is that because you want to focus your efforts on GT5?

Yamauchi: One’s a portable device and one is a fully online Gran Turismo. There’s a design difference there. That’ll be something that will be provided in GT5.

G4: So, originally when GT Portable was announced you said that you wanted to have Gran Turismo 4 in a portable system. Do you think you achieved that or do you think you’ve gone beyond that?

Yamauchi: If you actually play it, you’ll it to see it. You’ll find that Gran Turismo for PSP is closer to GT5 and it’s a lot different from the history of the GT series that we’ve had over the years. It’s sort of a small revolution going on within the game design and the system.

G4: I played it at E3. I haven’t played it at this show, but one thing I noticed is there’s a serious adjustment period with the analog nub – the difference of the feel of the analog nub versus using Dual Shock or the PS3 stick. How did you guys adjust controls for the PSP? Did you find it difficult?

Yamauchi: We’ve actually never disregarded the D-Pad over the 10 years of our development in Gran Turismo, we’ve always had been compatible with it and though we do a lot of working with the steering controllers and other analog controllers and thing like that, we’ve always made the game very playable on the D-Pad, and for us it wasn’t a surprise to have a device that’s only compatible with an analog controller.

G4: But with the differences of the give of the analog nub versus the stick on the PS3 controller – it feels different. I play it both ways, it depends on the car, I think. But the feeling of the actual the stick on the PSP feels a lot different. Did you have to change anything development-wise for that control scheme?

Yamauchi: We sort of considered something totally different. If you actually touch and play the PSP version, I think you’ll find that it feels different from the GT4 controls, just throughout the game and of course we made adjustments to the D-Pad to be compatible with the PSP, but it’s sort of different across the entire design. I think you’ll find that if you actually try playing it. I think you’ll come to discover that it’s really playable as a portable version of Gran Turismo – something we would like everyone to try out and find out for themselves.

G4: Are you going to be tying in GT Portable with GT5 at all? Will there be any connectivity?

Yamauchi: I think you’ll find that when you play the PSP version of Gran Turismo, it runs at a faster tempo. The gameplay is a lot faster than the previous versions of Gran Turismo we’ve had, where you’ll be able to gather cars quickly, you can actually share cars with your friends, trade cars with your friends and we’re going to make it so that you can actually export the cars for the PSP version into Gran Turismo 5, so you can export your garage.

G4: When you first showed off Gran Turismo 5 at the Tokyo Game Show, you talked about two different versions of the game. What happened to that whole concept? Why did you scrap it and move towards Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and then just one version of GT5?

Yamauchi: You know, when you announce something, you don’t know everything that’s going to happen from the start. You come to realize the things during the development that lead you in different directions, and though I had a lot of things in my mind when I started out, you make new discoveries in development and it takes you into different directions. I think it just evolved in development.

G4: What are your plans for Tokyo Game Show?

Yamauchi: At E3, we showed a concept video and this time at Games-Com, we have a playable demo with damage, and I think you can expect a similar major advancement at TGS.

G4: Are we finally going to find out a release date?

Yamauchi: I think we actually talked about having some thoughts in the beginning, but with things changing as they happened all through the interviews today and I’ve kind of have learned through experience. I try not to talk about the future too much because that ultimately leads to a more obvious answer and it’s better than way in the end.
Este juego parece que tiene mejores gráficos que Dynablaster.
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Ya falta menos, ¿se podra reservar la edicion coleccionista?, lo dicho jugar en la cama a oscuras y con cascos sera impagable.

Edit. Ortografia.

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Entrevista a Yamauchi con algo de gameplay de la versión de psp (lo que se ve dentro de la consola)

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Cojones, que corvette que se gasta el colega Yamauchi xDDDD por cierto, no tenia ni zorra de que también tenia ralis la versión de psp. Tampoco es que me mate pero bueno.
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La caja del pack de PSP + GT

Ki Ken Tai no ichi
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por cierto, no tenia ni zorra de que también tenia ralis la versión de psp.

Qué tal están implementados los rallys en esta saga?

A mi era de lo que más me llamaba. : d
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Para Yisatsu:
Sinceramente, El rally en GT no es que sea para tirar cohetes, pero claro, eso era con las físicas de PS2, teniendo en cuenta que de GT4 a GT5P dio un salto bestial en este apartado, hablando de carreras sobre asfalto, espero que lo haya hecho también sobre tierra, además que ahora cuenta con la licencia oficial del WRC y seguramente le den mas importancia.
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Bueno, ojalá sea como dices!

Gracias por la respuesta. Ya va quedando menos para su salida. : d
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Hoy he recibido un mail de sony explicando que es lo que lleva la edicion de coleccionista del Gt de psp.

La lujosa edición para coleccionistas incluye:

   * Lámina plateada y empaquetado negro especiales.
   * Gran Turismo en UMD.
   * Un vale de PlayStation Network para canjear por el Bugatti Veyron.
   * Cinco diseños impresos de Bugatti.

Y si se reserva el juego te regalan 4 coches para descargar.

Ferrari Enzo de 2002 en Giallo Modena Yellow
Lamborghini Countach LP400 de 1974 en Arancio Orange
Nissan GT-R Spec V de 2009 en Metallic Blue
Citroen GT de 2008 en Citroen Yellow
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Para Lemark y Kratos_19:
Si no os importa os copio la info para el post oficial ok?

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Lo que no me puedo creer es los gráficos que se gasta el juego, que pasa que los programadores que han echo el resto de juegos de coches en psp estaban de fiesta? Impresionante es poco...
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#30  Enviado: 15:49 13/09/2009

Para Lemark:
Y los que no tengan la E.C. no podrán tener esos coches en el juego?, o tendrán que comprarlos como cualquier otro?

Es una duda que siempre tuve con este tipo de descargas.
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