Confirmado el multiplayer en Dead Rising 2

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However, it was Laura Scholl, the Product Manager of mental mill, that made some of the largest bits of news out of the panel. Mentioning a conversation that she'd had with Siddeek about the use of the program, she stated that Siddeek confirmed that Dead Rising 2 will frequently track at least 800 separate clothing textures to provide the sense of unique zombies onscreen. What's more, thanks to the elements that Blue Castle are using from mental mill to quickly mass produce characters for the game engine, players could experience as many as 6000 characters onscreen during multiplayer sessions.

That last stat bears repeating for two separate reasons: first, there was no prior admission of multiplayer within Dead Rising 2, which will be a pleasant surprise for Dead Rising fans. Secondly, to face off against up to 6000 separate zombies at a time will definitely be a daunting, but thrilling prospect. Although no other details on multiplayer or the game were provided, it definitely was an exciting statement to hear. We contacted Capcom for comment, but did not receive any word as of publication of this news piece.
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gracias corresponsal, sin duda una buena noticia
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