En dos dias nuevo video de Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

Thomas Light
Ultimate Hero
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#1  Enviado: 16:32 03/07/2008

Es el primer video de gameplay y lo tendrá Gametrailers en 1 dia 19 horas

Hope! Soñando se puede todo, sólo hay que mantenerse de pie || I don't need to hear anything else, then. I'm going to make your death as painful as I know how.
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#2  Enviado: 23:22 03/07/2008

Muchas gracias por el aviso.
The Whereabouts of Batman remain unknown. And yet I can see him now, in the grip of implacable forces, innumerable foes. Somewhere without hope. In a place where all seems lost. And I know this... The enemy will look away for just a moment, underestimating him for that single fraction of a second too long. And no matter how dark the night... There will be no hiding place for evil.
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