Detalles de Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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Polyphony ha realizado mejoras en el control respecto a la demo, que ahora ponen al juego como el mejor simulador actual. Y han retocado los gráficos, ahora estables en todo momento, con 16 coches en pista, mejoras en la iluminación, los pilotos cambian de marchas... etc. Bastantes detalles que lo hacen mucho mejor que la demo de hace un tiempo.

Aún falta para la versión final de GT 5 pero hay muy buenas vibraciones.

Preview de Prologue por Games Radar

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is some way off, but tearing around the famous Suzuka course in a Nissan GT-R with the latest playable version of Sony’s Real Driving Simulator makes us want to hibernate to pass the time until its launch, like children who go to bed early on Christmas Eve in anticipation of the treats to come the next morning.

To say we’re fans of Polyphony’s racing series in an understatement. Playing GT HD was amusing enough (despite it being the tightest, skimpiest demo offering in the history of videogames), but instead of impressing us, it left us with a worry that the next generation of Gran Turismo would do little more than add a few extra pixels to the resolution. We were wrong to worry.

The newer version of the game we’ve played is only a very small portion of what Sony’s cooking up, but for racing nuts and series fans, it’s pretty astonishing. If there’s anyone out there that still needs a reason to justify the cash they dropped on the PS3 (Heavenly Sword notwithstanding), this will most certainly be it.

Playing GT5 feels like putting on your best suit and going for a no-expense-spared meal at The Ritz. It’s elite. It’s the uppermost class of racing game ever. And we’re not just talking about the stunning graphics or super-satisfying handling of the cars. Even the menu screens have a sheen - that extra touch of class - that forces home the fact that this is no budget project by some random garage developer. This is a proud team’s work of art. Note that the chilled, jazz-style music that backs the menus sounds like the kind of tracks you’d probably expect to hear playing quietly in the background in a five-star hotel lobby.

Enough about the menus though, because it’s all about the drive. We’ve been thrashing around in seven cars in the new version of the game, ranging from the woefully average Daihatsu OFC-1, to the far more aggressive, utterly satisfying Nissan GT-R and we love it. Everything feels so brilliantly fine-tuned that, when sitting in the right car, there’s immense satisfaction to be had every time you pull the perfect racing line and throw a car around a bend on the edge of its limit. GT5 is still totally simulation, but it now feels so much more playable than the previous version of the game we saw. This is far tighter. The cars are obedient, have a good sense of speed and the most realistic feeling of weight and traction of any racing game.

The version we have boasts the same performance options of the GT HD demo - ABS, stability management and traction control - as well as a choice of racing and non-racing spec tires, which means you can set up the game to feel how you want.

The only thing that drastically hinders this game from being everybody’s dream simulator is the continuing lack of a damage model. You have these fantastic, photo-realistic visuals, insanely detailed car setup options and amazing physics - but slam into another car and you bounce off each other like solid wooden blocks.

What makes it even more astonishing is that you get this solid-as-a-rock framerate without the loss of detail that most other games endure when they want to hit the 60fps mark. The cars look incredible. Picture perfect, even. All the detail is there, right down to the lines in the plastic covering the headlights. There are 16 of these high-poly bad boys on the course at once, but the framerate remains unshaken.

Proper race geeks will be pleased with the new in-cockpit view in GT5, too. It places you right in the driver’s seat, and the cockpit detail is, again, perfect to the real thing. All the buttons and dials of the real car are there, and all the dials are fully operational. You can see the driver steering and changing gear, and even leaning side to side slightly as you power into corners.

Loads of racing games have used the power of the current super-consoles to get all the shapes right in their cars. But the real difference in GT5 is the way these cars are lit. Fire up GT HD right now and watch a replay. See how flat the lighting is? Since it put out that demo, Sony has upped the shine levels and enhanced the sunlight blooming effect. Nothing is overdone - so they’re not wax-covered mirrors - but scenery reflects subtly and realistically off the polished paintwork, and the glare of the sun creates a blooming effect that you see a little of as you go through the GT HD demo’s tunnel.

The game could look even better when it finally arrives in 2008. You’ve got the taster package - GT5 Prologue - to come. This will have a hefty 50 cars and choice of five tracks. It’ll also have 16-player online to race against which should be incredible. We’ve already got our best racing wheels clamped to the table and braking points on the brain, because GT5 can’t arrive a second too soon. We’ll see you on the starting grid.

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Nueva normalidad.
y yo que se? que hago aquí? no puede ser, yo que hize ayer?
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ostia pedazo de graficos tengo una ansia que me corroe por dentro de probarlo

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PSN ibiza4ever                                                                                                                                                         PSN: ibiza4ever
No games ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Para De-mon-io:
el hijo sigue los pasos del padre Sonrojado

quiza me lo descarge aunque sea en japones Smilie o lo pido en yesasia que coño
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Ni KILLZONE 2 ni cohones, esto es lo mas bruto q e visto  Smilie
A G  Systems   
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Dios que ganas tengo de tener el juego y de probar ese Corvette  Smilie

Gracias Demon por la info  Guiño
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Joder... si a estas alturas han conseguido estable esa barbaridad tecnica, y encima con mejoras gráficas...

Mas simulacion (dos modos, arcade y pro)

Y sabiendo que el GT5 final sera algo aun muchisimo mejor... con las personas por ahi moviendose y demas... buff puede ser lo maximo...

O MAY GOD, un simple prologo destrozando absolutamente todo lo visto en el genero (bueno... la demo ya lo hizo  Smilie  Smilie )



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Dj rulas!
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Ni me quiero ni imaginar como será GT5, creo que se convertirá en el juego de coches definitivo> con todos los coches y circuitos, el online, los supuestos desperfectos.... Smilie
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#8  Enviado: 21:49 08/12/2007

Si señor el REY siempre lo será, no me quiero imaginar esas partidas online   Smilie  Smilie  Smilie
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Red Neuron
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Ojala que en el 5 los coches se abollen. Se supone que ya se dijo oficialmente no?
I have come to play
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yo espero que se acuerden de los que jugamos en teles no 1080p y que depuren esos dientes de sierra que tenia la demo que emborronanaban un poco la bestialidad grafica de este juego.
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Para daxterandclank:
pues sera eso,porke a 1080p no se notaba ni un diente de sierra

diooooos!ke tentacion pillarlo japo! debo esperar a ke salga aqui,debo esperar a ke salga aqui,debo esperar a ke salga aqui,debo esperar a ke salga aqui,debo esperar a ke salga aqui,debo esperar a ke salga aqui,debo esperar a ke salga aqui,debo esperar a ke salga aqui,debo esperar a ke salga aqui...
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Para Stakado:
esque los juegos que van nativamente a esas resolucines apenas tienen dientes de sirra( evidentemente jugando a esas resoluciones) por lo que pueden pasr sin filtros, pero lo que pasa es que algunos no tenemos la suerte de tener esas teles y los dientes de sierra se notan mas, tambien hay que decir que es la demo de una demo porloque hay que tener fe en polyphony
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Menuda burrada de cambios Smilie . Sobretodo me gusta eso de que ahora se ven los cambios de marchas, ya que lo que he visto en videos eso de que no hubiera una animacion quedaba algo cutre.

Peor lo mejor de todo es que despues de que lo saquen, iran sacando nuevas actualizaciones.
3/4 partes del mundo estan cubiertas por agua....el resto esta cubierto por Puyol
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