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Al fin, Street Fighter IV

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#1  Enviado: 22:01 17/10/2007

Despues de tantos años, al fin vuelve el mejor juego de lucha de todos los tiempos:

As Capcom's media event gets started overseas, the company has already dropped one spectacularly major, but long awaited, announcement by revealing Street Fighter IV is currently in development. Capcom's community website has been counting down for over a week now, as gamers have speculated over what could be such a big deal.

The short teaser is nothing more than some Ryu and Ken stylized artwork of them fighting, with no word on what platforms the game is coming to or a projected release date. Clearly, Capcom is strictly teasing at this point.

Of all games, Street Fighter IV is probably worthy of such a countdown, considering Capcom released the original iteration of Street Fighter III back in 1997. A few months later came 2nd Impact: Giant Attack, which tweaked the gameplay and introduced two new characters, eventually followed up by 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future, bringing back Chun-Li and an addition four new characters, in 1999.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything more than that, and any impressions or announcements from the event are embargoed until later this week. Until then, let the speculation begin on what Capcom's bringing to the table in their latest numbered sequel in the Street Fighter series.

Street Fighter 4
Development has just begun and the release of the game is more than a year away. No platforms are yet confirmed - a highly stylised animated concept trailer of Ryu and Ken fighting was shown, but no game footage.



Al fin despues de tantas noticias fake y años de espera parece que los señores de capcom nos dan la alegria a los fans, solo queda esperar(bastante) y rezar por que sea 2d con una jugabilidad igual de buena que el 3
Muscle power for you
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#2  Enviado: 22:26 17/10/2007

mierda, habia buscado en general y no vi los post de noticias en cada consola, chapadlo plis xd
Muscle power for you
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