Entrevista a Kazunori Yamauchi (Gran Turismo 5)

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Toooochazo que ahora resumo en los puntos más importantes.

- Dice que cada vez es más difícil mejorar, GT 4 ya era muy espectacular, así que para GT 5 es más complicado superarse. Aún así, quieren conseguir el mejor aspecto visual, ya que en un juego de carreras es importante la resolución para ver los objetos a gran velocidad, es por eso que cree esencial 1080p y 60 fps.

- Habrá dos tipos de físicas para que los jugadores puedan disfrutarlo: Standard (jugadores nuevos en la saga o que no busquen complicaciones) y Profesional (con el que incluso pilotos profesionales podrán practicar). Dice que Standard se parece más a la conducción de los antiguos GT, mientras que Profesional son nuevos cálculos de físicas, que podría usar Michael Schumacher.

- Admite que Forza 2 les supera en la personalización de los coches (piezas y demás), pero Polyphony se centra en otras cosas, como los valores de la conducción y en incluir lo realmente importante.

- Los coches tienen 200,000 polígonos, cincuenta veces más que en GT 4. Además ahora están modelados los interiores con todo el aspecto realista de los materiales, cuero, tapicería, etc... y otra vez repite, a 1080p y 60fps. En las repeticiones, irá a 30 fps, y añadirán muchos efectos, como desenfoques y ese tipo de cosas.

- Las animaciones del garaje cambiando ruedas y demás son en tiempo real, y la decoración de cada lugar seguirá los colores del fabricante (Ferrari-Rojo). Los pit stop son idénticos a los de cada circuito, no es uno genérico para todos.

- Hay muchos coches nuevos como Nissan GTR Prototype, que nunca se han visto aún en un juego (se ha presentado en Octubre en el Tokyo Motor Show).

- Sobre los daños físicos, dice que existen acuerdos con los fabricantes que limitan algunas cosas. Pone como ejemplo que en Forza 2 hay coches que se dañan más unos que otros por esos temas legales, y eso tambíen se aplicará a GT 5. Por eso primero se quieren centrar en la IA, físicas, modelado de coches, 16 coches en carretera, los 1080p, 60fps, etc... y después se centrarán en los daños y el cambio climático.

- Nueva IA. Les afectará incluso la presión y otros factores.

- Habla sobre Mypage, que será el lugar principal (tipo el icono Inicio de otros GT), con un fondo inspirado en lugares reales. Te indica donde están otros jugadores que has conocido on-line, las horas locales, el tiempo que tienen, etc... Luego el botón de garaje, que empieza vacío como siempre, GT TV, con material audiovisual para "frikis" de la conducción; Album para mostrar fotos y vídeos sacados de tus partidas para enseñar a otra gente, y por último un icono de Home, con el que quieren hacer una transición sencilla. Por ejemplo, actualmente tu puedes ir por Home, abres una puerta, y entras en una sala de chat de GT 5, con un coche girando en un stand como en los clásicos GT. Esto lo irán mejorando con el tiempo. Este tipo de servicio podría aparecer tambíen en PSP, si finalmente Home aparece ahí, lo mismo que GT Mobile.

- GT Mobile aparecerá después de GT 5.

- Han estado trabajando con el tema de la vibración siempre en mente.

Kikizo: Would you say it's getting incrementally harder to continue the high standard of visual quality with Gran Turismo? Because obviously, GT4 was already extremely good looking.

Yamauchi: Well I feel that yes, there are obvious difficulties, but the passion we have is always to create the best visual qualities available, that we can possibly extract from PlayStation 3. In a racing game, one of the most important aspects is that, because you are travelling at high speeds, you need high resolution to accurately create objects in the distance, and also to give you enough sense speed, sixty frames at 1080p resolution display is another must-have to further enhance the racing experience.

Kikizo: One of, or perhaps the only real criticism of Gran Turismo 4, was the lack of accessibility; it was very difficult for many players to get into the game. Is this something you would look to address in Gran Turismo 5?

Yamauchi: One thing is that we now have two levels of driving physics available: Standard is more for the beginners or the novice players; Professional is a further enhanced and more real experience, where even professional drivers can use Gran Turismo as a training tool.

Kikizo: So does Standard mode offer things like braking assist to achieve this more accessible play, or something else?

Yamauchi: Actually braking assist and things of that nature are in other categories you can select; it's more that the core physics design itself is geared towards less experienced players; it picks up on your mistakes, and is more forgiving, whereas Professional is more hardcore; you know, you make a mistake, you will pay for it! To try to explain it more simply, Standard would be closer to the original Gran Turismo, whereas Professional is where we are taking it to these extreme [physics] calculations. You know, a simulator designed for the novice player is not applicable for Michael Schumacher to use, and vice versa. So they are two different things that are included.

Kikizo: Could you give us your opinion on Forza MotorSport 2 for the Xbox 360, and in particular, the ability to reskin your car in very great detail - are you going to have this degree of superficial car customisation in GT5?

Yamauchi: Straight off the bat, I think that in terms of feature sets, Forza is ahead of us. They have more options, you can do basically anything. We take a different approach obviously - we try to concentrate on what are the core values for a racing game, and we try to elevate those standards up as high as we possibly can. I am having difficulty trying to explain the differences, but one way you can look at it is, you can buy a watch that is super multifunctional, but economical, or a watch that is reduced in functions, but premium - higher end.

Kikizo: Certainly, this demo you have shown us looks phenomenal, please can you tell us about some of the background to achieving this standard on PS3?

Yamauchi: On average, the car models in GT5 Prologue is 200,000 polygons - this is fifty times more than what we used to have on GT4 PS2, which was on average 4,000 - so fifty times upscaled. We are now able to see very fine details. Another new feature is the in-car camera, because we are now modelling the interior of the car as well. You'll also notice that we have taken the extra step to represent the stitching of the leather, to the full extent, and the dashboard and so on. We've notice throughout our development process that to allow for an in-car camera it gives you a further enhanced experienced that is even more real that it was in GT4. To the extent of even reverse, or other angles, it's not just the front dashboard that is detailed like this. GT5 Prologue will also allow up to a maximum fifteen [other] cars on the same track, previously it was six. And the visual quality in-game is 1080p, 60fps.

Kikizo: With sixteen cars on the track, it looks more like a race when you see the replay. Is this the reason why we can see that it runs at only 30fps in the replay view?

Yamauchi: Yes that's right. There are two reasons why. For example, in the race, the camera is fixed, so the amount of power you need is measurable. Whereas in a replay, the camera may zoom in, zoom out very wide, so the variables we need are quite wide, so we took the route of choosing in-game 60fps, replay 30fps, but enhanced with more effects, motion blur and so on.

Kikizo: Another visually striking aspect is in fact humans - the crew that you see in the pit as they change wheels or just chill out before an event presumably - how do you justify so much effort into this exceptional detail? Is it all real graphics?

Yamauchi: These sequences are rendered realtime rendering in 1080p, and you will notice that the pit area decoration and attire for the pit crew and driver - everything is along the lines of the Ferrari image. Right now, because it's Ferrari, it's red. Red is the colour of the direct link with the image of Ferrari, and that will change depending on which car or manufacturer you have chosen. This area itself will take full advantage of the high dynamic range [lighting] technologies - we have taken the extra step to make sure that the qualities are very high in that area, and we think that this is a unique point.

Kikizo: And all these animations on the humans in the pit crew are all seriously real-time as well?

Yamauchi: Yes. The idea is that, for example this is the pit for the Suzuka circuit in Japan, but we will have a number of other circuits worldwide, for which we want to feature the pit area that is true to each of the respective locations.

Kikizo: How far have you come in terms of adding new vehicles to your line up since the last game?

Yamauchi: [Takes controller to demonstrate] - this is the Nissan GTR Prototype; Nissan will unveil their production vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show later this October, so between the window of now until the end of the year, we will be featuring lots of new and upcoming performance vehicles.

Kikizo: So this is the first time this Nissan has been seen?

Yamauchi: Yes, that's right - first time in a game.

Kikizo: This must reflect strong relationships with the manufacturers - so on what level will you be incorporating car damage? Forza has fairly extensive car damage; they told us they were able to achieve this because they have particularly close relationships with the car manufacturers. What would you say to this?

Yamauchi: I think they have different levels of damage, perhaps depending on their relationships with each of the brands. What I mean is, there is still a limitation that still exists within the agreements that we have with car manufacturers, even with the example of Forza; one car will be more damaged than another, and that is probably because they are limited with that brand. And that would apply to us as well. To clarify, our main objectives are to raise the bar for AI, physics, car modelling, sixteen cars on the track, 1080p, 60fps, these kinds of things - the core of the racing game category, we want to bring the standards to a high level. Of course, on our road map, yes we have damage, we have changing weather etcetera, but we will get to that once we build our pillars first; those are details that you can add afterwards.

Kikizo: Does the AI make mistakes now? Or is there a dynamic element to the AI opposition drivers, now that you have more power with PS3, so that it is more authentic in a race?

Yamauchi: The simple answer to that is yes. But in reality when you design the AI, the most difficult part is to make sure that all of the opponent cars are driving and trying to keep their positions without bumping into each other, or destroying the race. It is actually easier to incorporate, for example, what a driver would do under pressure and things of that nature, but we need the core bit done first, to allow for that. The AI has also been redesigned completely; it had to be; the new AI drives the opponent cars more smoothly throughout the track.

Kikizo: You have redesigned the front-end of the game quite extensively so that it is more sophisticated and perhaps more in-line with more recent rival games. Can you tell us more about how this is set up?

Yamauchi: So, the front end of the game is quite different and unique this time. The standard configuration before was that you would have a title screen and then a game mode underneath, inside the game mode second layer would be to select the track, select the car, but now, it's a big difference. This was our answer when we studied, what happens when we combine the Gran Turismo experience together with the online feature set. In a nutshell, the user has his own 'Mypage' within the world of Gran Turismo. For example, players can collect their favourite cars and their favourite background image to be part of their Mypage.

The one I showed you happens to be a background showing a town in Germany near the Nürburgring track, but eventually we will have background scenes for Tokyo city at night, London, whatever - a variation of locations, and various cars that the users can select and combine to use as the background for their Mypage. Looking at the top of the Mypage, you will be able to put on the global map where you are located, it will display your time zone in your local area, and you will be able to see other players online who you have met - maybe someone in London or so on - and you will see on the map where they are, their time zone, and their weather, and it gives a more intense experience by getting to know them online. The scheduler you see here will help players do their schedule management, remind you of race events that are coming up, and things of that nature.

Yamauchi: If we then look at the icons at the bottom, we can start the race - very straightforward; the next one is Garage, again something you may be familiar with in the GT franchise, it's the collection of cars you have obtained within the world of GT. Just like in previous GT, when you start the game, there are zero cars in your garage, but as you play and build experience, you will obtain more. The next icon is TV. To give you a conceptual idea, this is a mix of car related video material - it could be a famous TV show that covers cars, it could be in-house Polyphony-created video features, it could be something car manufacturers give to us, asking us to make it part of the content - it's something people can come to when they want to watch car-related things of this nature.

The Album is another feature that is part of the user's profile, for example in Photo Mode you can take still photos of your experience in GT, and you can put them in there to show to your friends. The same applies to any of the replay movies from in the game experience, for example I can post my best lap time from Nürburgring and show it to my friends, and challenge them to beat me. The final icon we have is Home. We are trying to create a seamless experience between Home, within the PS3 environment, and for players to be able to seamlessly go interact between the Home environment and the GT environment.

Kikizo: Could you elaborate on how GT5 will be integrated with the Home service for PS3?

Yamauchi: One example would be, you start off in the Home environment, you open a door and discover the Gran Turismo world, you walk in, there's an online dealership - the car is rotating like on a car selection screen. All that past that door is actually GT, but the experience is a lot more seamless. Ideally anyway - that's the ideal scenario, we're still studying this.

Kikizo: There is a rumour that the Home service will come to the PSP in some form. If this were to be the case would you look to replicate this kind of concept on GT Mobile?

Yamauchi: That would be an assumption on top of an assumption! But if that were to happen then yes, that would be the case.

Kikizo: Can you give us an update on how GT Mobile for the PSP is progressing at the moment please?

Yamauchi: Right now we're targeting GT5 for next year, maybe later next year. The PSP will come following that.

Kikizo: OK, but previously I thought you had said it would come before GT5?

Yamauchi: Currently, our objective is to make sure that we have a strong core on PS3, before we go on to PSP.

Kikizo: How important do you think rumble feedback is to the GT experience? Everybody knows that a rumble controller is coming, so is it something that you have already been working on with this in mind?

Yamauchi: Yes, that is correct.

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Este juego parece que tiene mejores gráficos que Dynablaster.
One day, MGS changed the world's games.And now,the world changes MGS
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Bueno, creo que en algunas cosas que dice estaba un poco excitado y probablemente se haya pasado un poco(sobre todo en el tema de físicas e IA), pero lo que es una realidad es que Prologue ya luce de escándalo. Me cuesta creer que sean capaces de sacar 1080p nativos a 60fps con el nivel de detalle y cantidad de coches que hay en pantalla.

Espero que enseñen algo de GT mobile antes de que GT5 esté en la calle, porque sino no lo veremos hasta el 2010.


Por cierto, espero que cuando GT5 salga a la calle traiga todo y no tengamos que tenerlo completo mediante descargas, no me haría mucha gracia que para poder disfrutar de los cambios climáticos o si al final los posibles destrozos de los coches tengamos que pasar por caja y bajarnos una actualización.

Está bien que el que desee pijadas, como coches especiales o circuítos nuevos lo haga mediante descarga, pero el juego debe venir completo.

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Dios que juego joder.
Siempre e visto los GranTurimo como un sueño inalcanzable (ps3 es la primera consola de sony que tengo)
sueño por las conoches con el.
se supone que la  la demo de la demo sale el dia 20 de este mes no?

demo  de la demo quiero decir demo del prologe Guiño
Casillas que...? Pinto DIOS
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#4  Enviado: 12:43 11/10/2007

Vaya brutalidad que va a venir a nuestras ps3  Smilie

El juego de coches definitivo  Smilie

Por cierto...esto...:

es por eso que cree esencial 1080p y 60 fps.

Que aprendan otros  Sonrisa
PSN: Ciaranz - GT: Ciaranz
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#5  Enviado: 13:23 11/10/2007

A mi me da igual lo que tarde, la espera valdra mucho la pena! Smilie
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#6  Enviado: 13:50 11/10/2007

Si consiguen que la versión final mueva todos esos detalles a 60fps y a 1080p me arrodillaré ante ellos y crearé una secta llamada "alavemos Polyphony"  Smilie

Y es verdad eso de que cada vez cuesta mas sorprender con este tipo de juegos. Viendo este prologue, no sé como van a sorprender con la sexta entrega de GT... está claro que siempre se pueden mejorar cosas, pero no para que digas "uooo, que cambio!!!"

Que tarden lo que quieran, pero que no decepcionen ^__^
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#7  Enviado: 13:57 11/10/2007

A mi nunca me han gustado los GT porque no casan con el estilo jugable que a mi me gusta, pero lo que no pueda hacer este equipo con una PS3 no lo puede hacer nadie.

Esto es echar ganas en su trabajo y ser un profesional 100%

Y miedo me da en pensar en un GT6 en el futuro de la bestialidad tan grande que serán capaz de hacer.

200.000 polígonos por coche, vamos, toda la potencia de una PSX en carga poligonal para hacer un solo vehiculo.Impressive.
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#8  Enviado: 19:26 11/10/2007

Para mí, visto lo visto, por sensaciones (las eternas sensaciones), por los antecedentes y por esa potencia sin control que se intuye latente en la PS3 , este GT 5 será el juego más perfecto en lo visual que se haya creado nunca, en género alguno. Para mí es la perfección gráfica danzando en nuestros televisores...

Podremos discutir si su apuesta jugable es la más acertada o no, pero graficamente es deslumbrante, cegador. Sin duda se acerca el juego de conducción más impresionante de la história, quizá el primer 10 '5 que se haya llevado nunca nadie en una review y el más bello amanecer para nuestras adormiladas PS3. Necesidad vital, esa es la palabra.... Smilie
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#9  Enviado: 19:50 11/10/2007

GT siempre cumple con lo quepromete..

la unica pregunta que me queda , donde esta el anelado GT para psp Tristeza

por favor  por favor no utilicen el sensor de movimiento con este juego por favor POR  favor Yamauchi Smilie  Smilie

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Ashley Bernitz
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#10  Enviado: 23:45 11/10/2007

Sólo digo que espero que 1080p y 60fps no signifique coches de la vida real en circuitos de GT4.

De cualquier manera es una compra obligada y Yamauchi es un maestro.
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#11  Enviado: 21:51 12/10/2007

cree esencial 1080p y 60 fps.

Los coches tienen 200,000 polígonos, cincuenta veces más que en GT 4

- Las animaciones del garaje cambiando ruedas y demás son en tiempo real

primero se quieren centrar en la IA, físicas, modelado de coches, 16 coches en carretera, los 1080p, 60fps, etc... y después se centrarán en los daños y el cambio climático.

- Nueva IA. Les afectará incluso la presión y otros factores.

- Dos tipos de IA, una para usuarios standard y otra para profesionales.

- GT Mobile aparecerá después de GT 5.

- Han estado trabajando con el tema de la vibración siempre en mente.

EL REY VUELVE  Smilie  Smilie  Smilie
Guybrush Threepwood
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#12  Enviado: 23:28 12/10/2007

Cuando dicen que luego se centraran en los daños y cambios climaticos ¿que quiere decir, que lo haran para el GT5 o lo dejaran para el GT6? Smilie
y la ultima pregunta es sobre los coches de F1 ¿se pareceren como a los de la Formula 1 o seran como los anteriores GT? es que en los anteriores eran muy ancho y se parecian mas bien poco a los de la F1.

Bueno haber si me podeis responder Guiño Este juego promete Smilie
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Stereo tipo
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#13  Enviado: 00:38 13/10/2007

creo que no los habrá en GT5 prologue y sí en GT5
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#14  Enviado: 02:19 13/10/2007

Ya sé que es un poco pijada, pero me molaría que en GT5, si seleccionamos la vista interior, cada vez que cambiemos de marcha el conductor baje la mano. En los vídeos del Prologue eso no ocurre..  Smilie  Smilie
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#15  Enviado: 02:48 13/10/2007

Este juego promete bastante! Y todo el mundo sabe lo que es este juego para la maquina de Sony y el mundo de los videojuegos en general. Creo que lanzan un Prologue para impulsar la consola y lanzar luego GT5 con un parque de consolas y conseguir las ventas que un juego de este calibre se merece. Recordemos que el GT4 ya era un espectaculo visual, un magnifico juego (en lo personal) y vendio 10 millones y medio creo recordad (corregidme si me equivoco).

PS3 necesita bombazos como estos pero YA!  Smilie

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