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1UP le pone un 9 a The Darkness... (360/PS3)

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#1  Enviado: 00:29 22/06/2007

Perhaps because I've already played a somewhat similar game in Riddick, The Darkness doesn't give off quite the same "this is amazing, and you absolutely must play it" vibe that Riddick did. But it also feels like a more polished game, and the base mechanics work extremely well by the time you reach the end of the single-player campaign. It doesn't quite have Riddick's pacing, due to the open city that asks you to find your own way through, but it presents a better feeling of accomplishment and familiarity by the end.

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Compra segura!!!  Smilie

Alguien sabe como ponerlo multiforo.. no se como hacerlo  Tristeza

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Raziel Jr
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#2  Enviado: 00:31 22/06/2007

tienes un post oficial mu salao multiforo creado pa cosas como estas

Para hacer un post multiforo tienes que tener mas de 2000mensajes  Guiño

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