Gamepro Germany:World in Conflict for 360,First Overlord and NG Sigma reviews

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#1  Enviado: 00:51 06/06/2007

There is a preview for 360 version for World of Conflict,i am really excited to play it on my 37 Flatscreen

RTS is the new shooter

Shamelessly stolen from the German forum btw

Forza Motorsport 2 360 91%
Colin McRae: Dirt 360 90%
Mario Strikers Charged... Wii 83%
Ninja Gaiden Sigma PS3 81%
Driver 76 PSP 78%
Socom: Combined Assault PS2 79%
Overlord 360 85%
Free Running PS2 59%
Wartech: Senko no Ronde 360 76%
Anno 1701 NDS 86%
Ratchet und Clank Size Matters PSP 81%
Spider-Man 3 360 76% Wii 74% PS2 75% NDS 73% GBA 75%
Mario: Master of Disguise NDS 63%
Dead 'n' Furious NDS 51%
KoF: Maximum Impact 2 PS2 72%
King of Fighters XI PS2 75%
Fluch der Karibik - Ende der W.360 78%

85% for Overlord, might give this one a second look.

The low score for Sigma was caused by its slightly underwhelming visuals,especialy textures and water,its still too hard and got all the problems of the xbox version

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